Should I have a fenced yard to own a Tamaskan Dog?


Fencing requirements

While each dog is an individual, most Tamaskan are either good jumpers or can climb short fences. Tamaskan dogs are also very smart. That being said it is recommended that you have a minimum 6 foot/1.8m fence and one that is sturdy (not an old wooden fence that has rotten boards, or a chain link that is rusted out and weak). You will want to make sure you have sturdy gates that are also 6 foot/1.8m and have a good locking system so they do not get accidentally opened. Some gates can open if they are jumped on by your dog enough. The last thing anybody wants to have is a missing dog. 

Most Tamaskan are not going to test your fence on a daily basis, but there could be a time when there is something that gets their attention on the other side of your fence and then there is a reason to find a way out. Remember Tamaskan can be impulsive and can have a high prey drive. Most Tamaskan love to chase things!