Ylenia Whitehouse

Representative for Spain

Ylenia has a degree in Ecological Sciences and population studies. She started her involvement in the dog world at the age of 13 and she bred her first litter 3 years later. Since that time, she has been assiduous in showing dogs at an international level. Ylenia is a National Judge and she always aims to judge based on the typical functionality of the breed in addition to the morphology. Over time, she has unfortunately seen the decline of many dog breeds in the showing community and she despairs the breeding of dogs that are unable to move or breathe correctly due to breeding for extreme exaggeration according to fashion trends, etc.

As a result, Ylenia began searching for a new breed in which health was paramount. Since she is passionate about long-distance mushing, the combination of all this led her to discover the Tamaskan Dog… and she soon fell hopelessly in love with the breed! Throughout this time, Ylenia has been a member of the Board of Directors for both the Breed Club and the Regional Canine Association, contributing to seminars on both genetics and morphology in sporting dogs to further advance education and science within the dog world. Ylenia is the main point of contact for all things pertaining to Tamaskan Dogs in Spain.

[Fluent in Spanish and English.]