Drenje Brdovečko, Croatia

Debby has been a registered Tamaskan breeder since 2009 and she had her first Tamaskan litter in May 2010.

From 2010-2022 (12 years of breeding) she has produced, to date: 32 Sylvaen Tamaskan litters (averaging 2.6 litters per year) for a grand-total of 227 Tamaskan puppies (averaging 7.09 puppies per litter) that live in wonderful homes all over the world.

As a small-scale professional dog breeder, Debby and her husband Erwin, live and work 24/7/365 on their family farm (OPG Sylvaen) with their menagerie of Tamaskan Dogs, barn cats, mini goats, farm chickens, and beehives at their family estate (Sylvaen Acres) near Zagreb.

Debby has two children, Dylan and Darcy, from her first marriage and Erwin has a daughter, Nea, from his first marriage. Together, they have another daughter on the way, due in early 2024.