Ninja Peltokangas

Representative for Finland

Ninja is a German Shepherd breeder, and a registered Tamaskan breeder,  living in Finland. She got her first Tamaskan, Jade, in 2008 and, at the moment, she has two Tamaskan Dogs named Saga and Arek.  Both of her Tamaskan Dogs have been trained for tracking (man-trailing), obedience, and Search & Rescue (SAR). She also trains her German Shepherds for protection work (IPO) and her first German Shepherd, Jix, was a Finnish champion at tracking (man-trailing) and Search & Rescue (SAR).

Ninja has a lot of experience with many different dog breeds but, in her professional life, she works as a practical nurse. She has a Bachelor of Social Services and currently works at the Betesda Community in Lohja. Ninja is the main point of contact for all things pertaining to Tamaskan Dogs in Finland.

[Fluent in Finnish and English.]