Łukasz Wolke

Representative for Poland

Łukasz and his wife, Anna, have been breeding Gordon Setters and Akita Inu since 2014. They got their first Tamaskan, Nuka, in 2016 and have been registered Tamaskan breeders since 2018. Łukasz works from home at his family business and as a groomer/vet assistant. He has been passionate about dogs from a young age and all of his dogs have been trained to the level of PT1.

Łukasz regularly attends and participates in dog shows throughout Europe. He is particularly interested in the study of dog behavior, specifically dog therapy, and he spends a lot of time researching genetics at university level as well as a few educational courses. Łukasz is the main point of contact for all things pertaining to Tamaskan Dogs in Poland.

[Fluent in Polish and English.]