Katlin Primrose

ITR Secretary

Katlin was born and raised in Alberta, Canada where she currently lives. She has been interested in the Tamaskan breed since 2008 and active within the breed since 2010. Her Tamaskan, Wylie, was imported to Canada in 2012 and he was the first Tamaskan Dog in Western Canada at that time. Since then, Katlin and Wylie have actively participated in just about every sport available including Rally Obedience, Formal Obedience, Barn Hunt, Trick Dog, Conformation, Dryland, Skijoring, and Chase / Sprinters.

Katlin joined the professional world of animals in 2006 where she worked at a vet clinic in the boarding area. Since then, she has acquired her Veterinary Assistant Certificate (honors), as well as her certified Advanced Professional Groomer. When not working with Wylie, Katlin enjoys dabbling in the Canadian Kennel Club where she shows, grooms, and competes with Miniature Wirehaired Dachshunds. Since beginning this in 2017, she has been able to learn from many different veteran breeders and judges what “structure” is and how it is important for each breed. Her veterinary experience has also given her a vast knowledge of genetic conditions and how they can affect the breed as a whole. Katlin’s main goals for her own personal breeding program are to breed active, workable dogs with excellent structure and temperaments. She also hopes the see the breed become more recognized by official kennel clubs in the future. 

Katlin currently serves as the ITR Secretary and she has a voting position on the Executive Officers Committee (EOC). She also runs/manages the online Tamaskan Showing Club.