New Hampshire, USA

Est. 2021

We are a small hobby breeder located in southern New Hampshire. We have followed the development of the Tamaskan breed for over ten years and in 2021, produced our first litter to help develop this wonderful breed that we could no longer live without!

We are passionate and dedicated to producing healthy, sound canine companions with a focus on genetic diversity and versatility. Our foundation female is an outcross, Erza, who’s roots come from similar goals.

Our current pack consists of our neutered senior Tamaskan; Kaito (Sylvaen Vishimtar the Fallen), foundation female; Erza (Erza of Kaiza), young Tamaskans; Nezuko (Kaiza’s Noble Nezuko) and Kuma (Kaiza’s Faithful Fushi) and neutered mix, Bo. Pending health and temperament, we hope to continue our line with Nezuko, and hope to offer Kuma as an outside stud in 2024.

Our dogs are our passion, they live in the house with us as part of the family. We hike and have taken up precision coursing as well as working on pulling. Our puppies are raised indoors with Puppy Culture and are doted on by our family, including our two kids! We look forward to being a part of the Tamaskan community for many more years to come!