Fabrizio De Rossi

Vienna, Austria

Fabrizio was born in Vienna, Austria where he currently lives with his fiancée, two rescue cats, three dogs and various small vertebrates and invertebrates. His oldest dog, Pinu’u, is an Alaskan/Siberian Husky cross that joined him in 2015, living together with Alice, the Samoyed, since 2017.

Fabrizio currently studies Paleobiology at the University of Vienna (with an additional emphasis on behavior and population ecology). He was passively involved in the Tamaskan breed for several years before becoming more active in the Tamaskan community since February 2018, when his first Tamaskan girl, Skadi, joined his pack. Together with Barbara, his fiancée, and all three dogs, Fabrizio regularly partakes in Hiking, Canicross, Bikejöring, and other sporty activities, as well as occasionally photoshoots with his three dogs. He consistently strives to educate himself further about topics pertaining to dog breeding, breed preservation and structure/movement in dogs. For a while, he was the National Representative for Tamaskan Club Austria, a position he relinquished in order to focus his attention on the Committee of Breeders, where his skills, knowledge, and experience would be better utilized.

In June 2018, Fabrizio joined the Committee of Breeders, for which he will continue to work in order to help the Tamaskan breed improve, while also preserving the work that has already gone into the breed’s development. Some of his longtime goals, both on a global level as well as for his own kennel, include improving the wolf-like appearance of the breed, expanding the genepool by carefully introducing new outcross dogs into the breeding population, and focusing on structure and conformation for the further development of athletic dogs.

Having been professionally educated in Graphic Design, Fabrizio has also contributed to the ITR by creating its current logo and he will continue to create designs for future projects in order to promote the Tamaskan breed.

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