Daniela Garcia Peña

Representative for Mexico

Daniela studied communications in México City and spent a year abroad in Sydney Australia at UTS university.  She has loved animals all her life (especially dogs) and she first discovered the Tamaskan breed after her Labrador Retriever, named Lic, passed away at the age of 15 years old due to hip dysplasia.

Therefore, she decided to look for a breed that was bred 100% responsibly, with a focus on health and temperament. That’s when she came across the Tamaskan, and decided it would be the perfect addition to her family. Today, Daniela has a male Tamaskan, named Bosco, who brought back the happiness that left her when her Labrador passed away. Daniela believes in the Tamaskan breed and the potential it has for a dog that is both healthy, good-tempered and beautiful. Daniela is the main point of contact for all things concerning Tamaskan Dogs in Mexico.

[Fluent in Spanish and English.]