Barbara Privitera

Olgiate Molgora, Italy

Barbara was born in Italy and has a great passion for animals since childhood. She lived in the city until the age of 14, when she moved with her family to a small town in the countryside. At that time she got her first dog, a Siberian Husky named Axel, as well as her first rabbit and her first cat. Over time, she became increasingly interested in animal behavior and genetics. She studied wolves for a long time as was fascinated by their way of communication and their social organization. Meanwhile, she obtained her university degree and started working in a school for autistic children. She also attended a training course to become a pet therapist and horse-riding instructor for disabled children.

Barbara then bought her second dog, a Newfoundland named Lana, who helped her therapy work with disabled children. Around this time she became interested in dog breeding and she got two more Newfoundlands, named Conan and Margot, and then six Border Collies: Bia, Maya, Emy, Olaf, Bea, and Flo. She attended a master course in dog breeding as well as several workshops and training courses on various topics including canine diet, genetic disorders, genetics of behavior, behavioral disorders, psychological development, and social cognitivism.

Using her educational knowledge and hands-on experience, she aims to select healthy individuals in accordance with their breed standard and morphological features and with respect to breed attitude. After 3 years of research, she was finally able to buy her first Tamaskan, Cheyenne, and now, with the support of her husband and son, she is embarking on a new breeding project. Barbara is the main point of contact for all things relating to Tamaskan Dogs in Italy.

[Fluent in Italian and English.]