Looking for Collies as Foundation Dogs

Would you expect that some Tamaskan dogs can have a small percentage of Collie in their breed make-up?

Yes, it’s true because some Foundation Dogs of Marxdorf Wolfdogs origin do indeed have Collie heritage in their lines.

To help diversify the Tamaskan’s gene pool we are interested in finding (American) Rough or Smooth Collies or a crossing of the two as new Foundation Dogs for our outcrossing projects.

We expect from the Collie a pleasant, sensitive temperament, easy trainability, athletic structure and a long muzzle.

If you own a sable or tricolour (no merle) Collie and you are interested in working with the Tamaskan community, please let us know! ❤️

Pic: Aristos (Slavic Wolves Atlantis Eumelos)