Do Tamaskan Dogs get along well with children?

Generally speaking, Tamaskan Dogs are fine with children, but it is important that they are socialized around children from puppyhood. If a Tamaskan puppy is raised around small children or babies, it will likely develop a very close bond with them and will often grow up to be their most attentive guardian/caretaker. When the puppies arrive at their new homes, it is important to introduce them to new children slowly, over the course of several days, with full hands-on supervision.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Tamaskan is a large, energetic breed and, as full-grown adults, they could easily knock over a small child while playing, simply from excitement. Therefore, even though Tamaskan Dogs are non-aggressive, they should always be supervised with children. For that matter, small children should never be left unattended around any dog under any circumstance, no matter what breed/size. Young children can sometimes be unintentionally cruel since they don’t know any better and any dog can bite to defend itself if provoked.

As parents, it is our responsibility to supervise our children at all times and not allow them to harass other living creatures. It is important to instill in our children respect and appreciation for other forms of life from a young age. If a dog growls, this is its way of communicating that it is uncomfortable and needs some personal space… this is a warning that should be heeded, and no dog should ever be punished for communicating. Puppies should be gently handled at all times and children should be taught to interact kindly and calmly. Likewise, puppies have sharp teeth and claws so it’s important that they are taught not to bite/nibble, nor to jump up on people/children.