Do Tamaskan Dogs like to dig?

Yes. Tamaskan in general like to dig. So, while not all are going to dig in your yard, most are going to want to.

The most important thing is to be sure your Tamaskan is not trying to dig under your fence. Some dog owners find that if they give their dog a place of their own to dig, it helps keep the rest of the yard intact. This can be done by giving your dog a sand/dirt box. You can even have the sides a little higher to prevent dirt flying all over your yard. Best advice, start when they are yound and let them know where they can and cannot dig. 

If you let them, some Tamaskan will not only dig, but they will want to dig a den. We have found that if you discourage them from doing this by filling it in everytime they start, and letting them know this is not ok, some dogs will give up.

In some cases your dog may be looking for ways to cool down. In warmer temperatures offer them a wading pool!