Proposal form for potential new ITR Outcross / Foundation Dogs for the Tamaskan breeding program.

Please enter your personal name + surname here.
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Enter your kennel name/affix here, if applicable (ITR registered breeders only!)
Please enter the breed (or breeds) of the potential Outcross Dog
Please note: if approved for further review, you will have to submit digital copies of health test results / certificates.
Please mention any additional DNA testing that has been completed (including optional DNA tests not listed above) and the results: clear/carrier/at risk.
Please mention any additional health testing that has been completed (including optional health tests not listed above) and the results.
When possible, this should include all information that may be available regarding the Outcross Dog’s offspring, siblings, parents, parents’ siblings, grandparents, grandparents’ siblings, etc.
Specifically, make a note of any breed-specific issues including: epilepsy, heart disease/issues, Addison's Disease, cryptorchidism, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), etc.
Examples include, but are not limited to: a written declaration by the owner, an impartial third-party evaluation, or official certificates pertaining to temperament, such as a passing Canine Good Citizen (GCG) exam, obedience titles, service or therapy dog qualifications, etc. This can also include descriptions of the proposed Outcross Dog interacting with other dogs, children, strangers, cats, etc. The more information the better, as well as any negative aspects or potential behavioral and/or temperament issues.
Please list a summary of the expected goals for adding this new Outcross Dog to the Tamaskan breeding program, as well as the specific outcross combination(s) that you have planned. In particular, why do you think this potential Outcross Dog is a good choice for the Tamaskan breeding program and what do you feel it offers to the breed as a whole?
Please list a summary of the potential issues (faults/flaws) that might appear in the next generation(s) with regard to bringing the future progeny back in line with the Tamaskan Breed Standard, and any plans you have to overcome these issues (structural, coat, color/markings, temperament, etc).
Please list a summary of any plans you have for the next generation(s). In particular, how many puppies (approximately) from the outcross litter you hope/plan to move forward for future breeding within the Tamaskan genepool, and which bloodline(s) you hope/plan to breed them with, and why.