ITR Embark Portal Link

The International Tamaskan Register is pleased to support Embark testing to promote genetic discovery within our breed. The International Tamaskan Register and Embark have partnered to provide testing for Tamaskan dog breeders/owners seeking to learn more about their dogs’ genetics, and to participate in breed-wide research.

All participants purchasing this International Tamaskan Register-exclusive product agree to share their anonymized, de-identified data with Embark. All data used in Embark breed reports will remain confidential. Personal information such as owner name or address will not be shared publicly. You control how much of your data is public on the Embark website.

As of 1st of June 2021, the ITR requires that all breeding dogs and all litters are to be tested with Embark (Breed + Health), and results submitted to the ITR. Results are added to the ITR Tamaskan Database. Basic information about your dog is public such as name, age, and coat color traits. Please visit the ITR Tamaskan Database to view. Some sensitive and/or health related information is available to breeders to assist in making better breeding choices.

With this partnership we are able to offer Tamaskan owners and breeders a discount on the Embark for Breeders product.

Embark Breed + Health $ 129/dog US

Small Litter Kit (3 kits) $109/pup US

Embark Litter Kit (min 4 pups) $99/pup US