The International Tamaskan Register (ITR) is an unincorporated association, managed by a passionate group of individual hobbyists located all over the world, who are divided into 3 main branches that operate under a “checks and balances” system.

BOD (judicial branch) duties/tasks:

The ITR Board Of Directors (BOD) is an international group of national representatives who jointly supervise the activities of the ITR. The BOD operates as a round-table committee in which every individual has an equal voice and an equal vote. Every member of the BOD primarily acts as an ambassador/representative for their respective National Club and their primary focus is on the development of their own National Club.

  • to promote and raise awareness of the Tamaskan breed;
  • to be a source of information and advice about the Tamaskan breed;

As the representative for their National Club, they are the primary link between the ITR as a whole and the National Club(s) around the world, which entails sharing information from the ITR with other members of their National Club, and vice-versa. Any questions or issues that a National Club wants to have addressed and/or resolved should be presented to the ITR via their ITR Representative. Likewise, it is the ITR Representative’s responsibility to inform and update the rest of the BOD about any issues/ideas/concerns, etc at the quarterly BOD meeting.

If the COB makes any new rule(s) or updates any existing rule(s) with which the BOD members fundamentally disagree (for instance, due to potential conflicts with national/local laws) the BOD has the right to veto the new/updated rule change by the COB, at which point the COB must then review and revise the proposed new/updated rule change. If you would like to volunteer to be a representative for your National Club, please apply!


COB (legislative branch) duties/tasks: 

The ITR Committee Of Breeders (COB) is an international group of ITR registered breeders who have completed the prerequisite educational course(s) in population management and population genetics, and have the relevant breed/breeding experience, as well as the necessary objectivity/impartiality,  common sense/levelheadedness, and commitment/dedication to the breed:

  • to guide and advise (upon request) ITR registered breeders;
  • to maintain and update the official ITR Tamaskan Breed Standard (with input from/involvement of the BOD);
  • to review and approve potential ITR outcross dogs in order to increase genetic diversity within the Tamaskan breed;
  • to establish and maintain a basic standard of health requirements (specific health tests and the required thresholds) for ITR approved breeding dogs;
  • to consider proposed exceptions to the established ITR breeding rules, depending on the specific circumstances and merits of each presented case;

It is the COB’s responsibility to “govern” the breed and all aspects pertaining to the preservation of the genepool and future development of the breed as a whole. The COB operates as a round-table committee in which every individual has an equal voice and an equal vote. If you would like to volunteer to be a COB member, please apply!


EOC (executive branch) duties/tasks: 

The ITR Executive Officers Committee (EOC) is an international group of individuals who are responsible for the routine operations of the ITR to keep the organization functioning smoothly… maintaining & updating the website (ITR Tech Guru) and content/meeting minutes (ITR Secretary) and printing & posting ITR registration certificates/paperwork (ITR Registrars):

  • to maintain and update the ITR Tamaskan Database, which contains pedigree, health records and DNA results for all ITR registered Tamaskan Dogs;
  • to issue official ITR registration papers for ITR breeders, dogs, and litters;

If you would like to volunteer your time, services, and skills to be a EOC member, please apply!