Definitions & Membership

  • This is the constitution (“Constitution”) of International Tamaskan Register (“The Organisation”).
  • The Organisation has the objectives of serving the international Tamaskan Dog community. (“Objectives”).
  • The Organisation may hold, transfer and dispose of material assets and intangible assets.
  • The Organisation uses an electronic system to carry out its governance (“Governance System”).
  • The Organisation has one or more members (“Members”) who support its Objectives.
  • Each Member nominates an email address at which they will receive important notices from the Organisation (“Nominated Email Address”).
  • Members may access the Governance System at the website
  • Members may view the current Constitution on the Governance System.
  • Members may view a register of current Members together with their Nominated Email Addresses on the Governance System.
  • Members may resign their membership via the Governance System.

Proposals & Decisions

  • Members may jointly make a decision (“Decision”) relating to any aspect of the Organisation’s activities as follows:
  • Any member may submit a proposal (“Proposal”) on the Governance System.
  • A Proposal may be voted on for a period of 7 days starting with its submission (“Voting Period”).
  • Members may view all current Proposals on the Governance System.
  • Members may vote to support (“Supporting Vote”) or vote to oppose (“Opposing Vote”) a Proposal on the Governance System during the Proposal’s Voting Period.
  • Members may only vote on Proposals submitted during their membership of the Organisation.
  • A Decision is made if a Proposal receives Supporting Votes from more than half of the Members during the Voting Period; or when more Supporting Votes than Opposing Votes have been received for the Proposal at the end of the Voting Period.
  • except that:
  • The Constitution may only be amended by a Decision where Supporting Votes are received from more than two thirds of Members during the Voting Period.
  • and
  • New Members may be appointed (and existing Members ejected) only by a Decision where no Opposing Votes are received during the Voting Period.
  • Members may view all Decisions on the Governance System.