1.1   A “Registered Breeder” or “Breeder” is defined as a person, people, or company that has agreed          to the ITR Breeder’s Contract and has a kennel registered with the ITR. 

1.2   A “Foundation Dog” or “Outcross” is defined as any dog, who is not a registered Tamaskan dog,           brought into the gene pool to add diversity to the breed. Since it is not a Tamaskan dog it is the             start of a new line and therefore the foundation of that line. 

1.3   A “Member” (as found in “Constitution”) is a person who is engaged in the management or                    governance of the International Tamaskan Register. (Breeders who register with the ITR are not          considered members but are ITR registered breeders)  

1.4   “ITR” is an acronym for International Tamaskan Register.  

1.5   CoB” or “ITR CoB” is an acronym for Committee of Breeders or International Tamaskan                        Register Committee of Breeders. 

1.6   “Possible Carrier”, in this document, is defined as a dog who has a sibling or half sibling who is            affected with a health disorderOr, any dog who has produced a hereditary health disorder.