Breeder Regulations


2.1   By registering a litter or kennel name, listing a stud dog or using any other service provided by the ITR you agree to adhere to the ITR Rules and Regulations and the ITR Breeders Contract.  

2.2   If a Breeder is unable to abide by these rules and regulations or the Breeders Contract for any reason the breeder will inform the ITR CoB, as soon as possible, to inquire about an exception for a particular circumstance.  

2.3   A Breeder will report any health conditions noted in their litters, which could be detrimental to the Tamaskan Dog breed, to an ITR Registrar and/or CoB. This includes issues noted on any age of Tamaskan dog.  This information will be recorded in the ITR pedigree database and available to all ITR breeders strictly in the interest of breeding healthier dogs.  Email contact: or 

2.4  Outcross dogs or Tamaskan Dogs with the maximum permitted wolf content (approximately 30% according to pedigree or DNA analysis ) shall only be bred to Tamaskan Dogs with less than 15% wolf content (paper calculation), resulting in offspring that have approximately 22.5% paper calculation wolf content… the next generation must then be less than approximately 20% paper calculation wolf content (and so on). 

2.5 Tamaskan Dogs with the maximum permitted wolf content (approximately 30% according to pedigree analysis ) shall not be bred to a purebred Czechoslovakian Vlcak (outcross) or purebred Saarloos Wolfdog (outcross) or American Wolfdog (outcross); nor mated to the direct (first generation) mix breed offspring of any of those breeds: 50% Czechoslovakian Vlcak or 50% Saarloos Wolfdog or 50% American Wolfdog.