Registry Regulations for ITR Breeders


2.1 Registered Kennel Name/Affix 

2.1.1.  A potential ITR Breeder will submit a request to an ITR Registrar to register their desired Kennel Name/Affix. 

2.1.2.  Once the desired Kennel Name/Affix is reserved no other person will be allowed to use that Kennel Name/Affix nor register any puppies under that Kennel Name/Affix. 

2.1.3.  A Kennel Certificate will be issued upon request; 

2.1.4.  The fee for a Kennel certificate can be found on the Fee Schedule and is subject to change. 

2.1.5.  If no puppies have yet been registered under that Kennel Name/Affix, a breeder may submit a request to an ITR Registrar to change their registered Kennel Name/Affix, along with an explanation outlining the reasons for the change. 

2.1.6.  Changing a Kennel Name/Affix will be subject to approval by the ITR Committee of Breeders (CoB). If a new Kennel Certificate is requested the same fee as above will apply. 

2.2. Registered Breeder   

2.2.1.  By registering a litter or kennel name, listing a stud dog or using any other services provided by the ITR, a registered breeder agrees to adhere to the most current version of both the ITR Rules and Regulations and the ITR Breeders Contract.  

2.2.2.  By registering your breeding kennel with the ITR you also agree to register all your litters, within six (6) months of the date of birth of each litter unless otherwise approved in writing by the CoB.  

2.2.3.  Registered Breeders who have not registered their current litters within the ITR guidelines, or applied to the CoB for an extension, prior to a litter turning 6 months old, could be removed from the ITR breeder listing pages without further notice.  

2.2.4.  If a Breeder is unable to abide by these rules and regulations or the ITR Breeders Contract for any reason the breeder will inform the ITR CoB, as soon as possible, to inquire about an exception or extension for a particular circumstance.   

2.2.5.  A registered ITR breeder may, at any time, withdraw from ITR services by contacting the ITR in writing.  

2.3. Official Naming of Puppies (for the Registration Certificate) 

2.3.1.  The registered name for each puppy must meet the following requirements: 

2.3.2.  All letters in a puppy’s name are limited to the Standard English alphabet. The only punctuation marks permitted in a dog’s name are Apostrophes (‘) and Hyphens (-). 

2.3.3.  Each puppy’s name must include the breeder’s registered Kennel Name/Affix either at the beginning or at the end of the name. 

2.3.4.  Obscenities and words that are considered derogatory to any race, creed or nationality, or transliterations of such words are not permitted. The ITR Registrar and/or the ITR Committee of Breeders (CoB) reserves the right to determine whether or not a word or phrase is unacceptable. 

2.3.5.  In the event that the selected name has already been used or is considered unacceptable, the breeder will be notified and an alternative selection can then be submitted. 

2.4. Exemptions/Exceptions  

2.4.1.  Exemptions/exceptions are rare but may sometimes be granted on a case-by-case basis with prior approval by the ITR Committee of Breeders (CoB) in an effort to preserve genetic diversity that might otherwise be lost within the gene pool, which may help to decelerate the effect of genetic drift.  

2.4.2.  Any proposal for an exemption/exception is thoroughly considered by the ITR CoB along with all relevant facts and any pertinent details, not just regarding the individual dog in question, but also with consideration to the impact that the exemption/exception will have on the breed (and the gene pool) as a whole. 

2.4.3.  An exemption/exception will often have specific conditions or requirements set by the ITR CoB and may be registered as Conditional or Limited Registration.  

2.4.4.  To qualify for an exemption/exception the breeder/dog owner will contact the ITR CoB with a detailed explanation PRIOR to any mating taking place, along with all relevant facts or any pertinent details. (only granted in extremely rare cases, depending on the specific case-by-case factors).  

2.4.5.  To qualify for an exemption/exception for an unplanned litter (after the mating has occurred or after the litter has been born) the breeder must contact the ITR CoB as soon as the breeder becomes aware of the unplanned breeding or suspected pregnancy.  

2.4.6.  An exemption/exception will not be granted for the same type of issue within 3 generations of the original issue, and possibly up to 5 generations for the same issue, depending on the specific case-by-case factors. 

2.5. Infractions/Suspension/Expulsions
2.5.1. All ITR rules will be maintained and enforced by the ITR Committee of Breeders (CoB). The ITR Board of Directors may also be involved in decision making and enforcement in complex situations.
2.5.2. Infractions of the rules may result in warning, suspension or expulsion.
2.5.3. Disciplinary actions will be as follows:
First Infraction: Six (6) month suspension
Second Infraction: One (1) year suspension
Third Infraction: Expulsion
The BOD/COB reserves the right to enforce a higher level of suspension or expulsion at any time depending on the nature of the offense.
2.5.4. Any breeder who violates the same rule for a second time or any other rule during a period of suspension, without having an exception granted from the COB, faces Expulsion.
2.5.5. For rules regarding exceptions see Section 2.4 above.
2.5.6. Suspended breeders will have their kennel listing removed from the website, will have any litter listings removed from the website or upcoming newsletters, and will be removed from the ITR breeders Facebook group for the duration of their suspension. They may not advertise themselves as an ITR affiliated breeder. If a suspended breeder contacts another breeder during their prior of suspension to plan other litters, they must disclose their current suspension. Failure to disclose an active suspension may be considered a violation.
2.5.7. Any breeder who has completed their suspension will need to contact CoB, notify them of their desire to return as an active breeder, send a new signed breeder application to CoB and therefore agree in writing to all of the current rules again before kennel or litter listings will be returned to the ITR website or newsletter and before being added back into the ITR Breeders Facebook group. CoB may require additional requirements be met depending in nature of the violation before an application is accepted.
2.5.8. Breeder suspensions will be announced on the breeder group by a COB member and include dates of suspension. The suspended breeder will be allowed to submit a statement for other breeders to read as a response to their suspension.
2.5.9. Questions or concerns should be sent to