The ITR Code of Ethics for our registered breeders is in the form of a Breeder Contract. By using our services (registration, kennel listing, stud dog listing, excluding Foundation dog listings) an ITR Breeder is agreeing to the ITR Breeders Contract by using those services. The following is our current Breeder Contract and is subject to updates without further notice. It is a breeder’s responsibility to keep themselves up to date with any changes or updates. Update notices may be posted in the Facebook ITR Breeder group.  



This Breeder Contract is for all ITR registered breeders / future breeders (including ITR Stud Dog Owners) whose foremost aim should be the welfare, improvement and advancement of the Tamaskan Dog breed, in accordance with the official Breed Standard, as approved by the International Tamaskan Register (ITR). 

As a certified Tamaskan Dog breeder/stud dog owner of the International Tamaskan Register (ITR), I shall ensure that my actions are that of a role-model and I shall exemplify the very best conduct and practices possible. To that end, I agree to adhere to the following: 

  1.  I shall comply with the rules, policies and regulations of the ITR and this Breeder Contract;
  2.  I shall strive to breed only the best possible specimens in accordance with the official Breed Standard, that are healthy and free from serious congenital and hereditary defects, in order to continually improve the breed for future generations;
  3.  I shall not use any bitch or stud dog that is known to have developed such a health problem without first applying for and receiving approval from the ITR CommitteeOfBreeders (COB); 
  4.  I shall strive to select all breeding pairs by reviewing each dog’s faults and virtues, health data, littermate health and temperament data, relationship coefficient reports, and breed warnings on all prospects being considered for breeding;
  5.  I shall do my best not to double up on any serious issues or faults, to the best of my ability, and will also do my best to educate myself in these areas;
  6.  I shall maintain good records on my dogs and their progeny and will share all information regarding the health of my dogs to the COB as well as contributing all my information to the ITR’sTamaskanDatabase; 
  7.  I shall seek help from qualified, knowledgeable colleagues and experts on improving my bloodline(s) whenever necessary;
  8.  I shall represent the accomplishments of myTamaskanDogs fairly and accurately, striving to participate only in events or shows that will demonstrate the quality of my Tamaskan Dogs; 
  9.  I shall represent my dogs and all their progeny honestly, giving accurate and complete information to potential buyers, other breeders, and organizations when asked;
  10.  I shall maintain integrity in the price charged for my breeding dogs and my puppies, and I shall strive to be fair to puppy buyers and other breeders by not overcharging nor undercutting my prices;
  11.  I shall agree to provide good socialization, health care, exercise and nutrition to my dogs and my litters;
  12.  I shall agree to provide my whelping females with a comfortable, sanitary, safe, quiet, dry and climate-controlled area to have her puppies, which is free of danger from other dogs, pets or children;
  13.  I shall ensure that all puppies I sell will be properly immunized, microchipped, dewormed and vet checked, and rear dewclaws removed (if permitted by country of origin);
  14.  I shall ensure that theTamaskanpuppies I produce are sold with an ownership contract, signed by both parties, which includes a written health guarantee (except in some rehoming situations); 
  15.  I shall agree to properly supervise and enforce, to the best of my ability, all of my co-ownership(s), breeder’s agreement(s), and spay/neuter contracts;
  16.  I shall agree to uphold my guarantees in a fair and timely manner, as outlined in my ownership contract;
  17.  I shall ensure that all puppies I produce go to the best possible homes;
  18.  I shall not sell puppies to pet shops (either outright or on consignment), or supply puppies for auctions, contests, raffles or other such activities;
  19.  I shall not sell to persons whose intention (either known or suspected) is to resell or use the puppy in a breeding program not complying with this Breeder Contract or ITR Registry rules;
  20.  I shall notify the COB in the event that one of my dogs should be considered in another breed’s outcross program, prior to any mating, so that the ITR is aware of the upcoming outcross plans and may provide me with any additional relevant information of which I may need to be aware;
  21.  I shall do my very best to prevent unplannedmatings/accidental litters;
  22.  I shall contact the COB if I find myself with an unplanned mating, as soon as I am aware or as soon as pregnancy has been confirmed;
  23.  I shall notify the COB of any dogs in need of rehoming and will keep the ITR updated with any new owner information for registry purposes;
  24.  I shall strive to have all of my litters evaluated for conformation and temperament by an experienced tester at the appropriate age of 7 or 8 weeks, respectively;
  25.  I shall ensure that all puppies will remain with the breeder and their mother until 8 weeks of age, whenever and wherever possible, assuring proper development and socialization that is only received while the puppies remain with their littermates and mother, and follow all state and local laws regarding the length of time a litter must stay with its mother;
  26.  If I have questions or concerns about any business or actions to do with the ITR or another ITR breeder, for any reason, I shall contact the ITR for answers rather than drawing unnecessary drama or bad publicity on social media.
  27.  I shall refrain from what may be conceived as personal attacks or breeder/litter bashing on any platform, including social media, AND I will not make disparaging comments, nor shall I encourage others to join in such comments in any form as I understand that this directly affects the UNITY of the breed, which is of the utmost importance.
  28. I shall be in keeping with local, state, country, and international supranational laws and regulations with all aspects of breeding including, but not limited to: animal welfare, breeding regulations, kennel maintenance, transport/travel and puppy placement. I understand my individual kennels is responsible for any breeding or kennel permits and maintaining standards that are required by law. I am responsible for investigating these laws and keeping up to date with changing regulations. I will report any violations or citations received to the registry.

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