The International Tamaskan Register (ITR) primarily serves as a breed registry to maintain accurate records and oversee the Tamaskan breed as a whole. The ITR issues registration paperwork via the two ITR Registrars (one in Europe and one in North America) whilst maintaining the Tamaskan pedigree database and health records for all ITR registered Tamaskan Dogs worldwide. The ITR is managed by a passionate group of individual hobbyists, located all over the world, who are bound together by the following common purposes…

  • to promote and raise awareness of the Tamaskan breed;
  • to be a source of information and advice about the Tamaskan breed;
  • to guide and advise (upon request) ITR registered breeders;
  • to maintain and update the official ITR Tamaskan Breed Standard;
  • to review and approve potential ITR outcross dogs in order to increase genetic diversity within the Tamaskan breed;
  • to establish and maintain a basic standard of heath requirements (specific health tests and the required thresholds) for ITR approved breeding dogs;
  • to consider proposed exceptions to the established ITR breeding rules, depending on the specific circumstances and merits of each presented case;
  • to maintain and update the ITR Tamaskan Database, which contains pedigree, health records and DNA results for all ITR registered Tamaskan Dogs;
  • to issue official ITR registration papers for ITR breeders, dogs, and litters;